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Ayurvedic Weight Loss Supplements To Get Rid Of Body Fat Naturally

Lifestyle and diet both play an important role in keeping one fit and fine. Eating junk foods, eating unnecessary to overcome boredom, not eating fruits, less involvement in physical activities, stress, improper body rest, etc., are some factors that result in weight gain.

Ayurvedic Weight Loss Pills

There are some other common reasons also that increase weight:

1. Slow metabolic rate is the biggest reason behind accumulation of fat in body.

2. Lack of iron, magnesium and vitamin D in regular diet weaken immunity and this alters metabolism too.

3. People in stress, tension and depression eat junk foods, beverages and alcohol more just to distract themselves and thus weight increases.

4. Getting older slows down digestion and this ultimately reduces metabolic rate.

5. Absence of adequate amount of testosterone in men and estrogen in women lead to unhealthy weight gain.

6. Problems like thyroid disorder also affect normal metabolic rate in body.

One can use the following tips along with using the ayurvedic slimming pills to shed extra kilos in a fast manner:

1. Cut back on sugar and starch – It is the most important step for weight loss. This lowers insulin and one starts to eat lesser calories automatically without being hungry.

2. Eat protein, fat and vegetables ñ Take a meal containing a protein source, a fat source and low-carb vegetables. This kind of meal automatically brings carb intake down, reduces obsessive thoughts about foods and desire for late-night snacking also.

3. Lift weights 3 times per week ñ By lifting weights, you will burn a few calories and prevent your metabolism from slowing down.

4. Take sleep properly ñ Giving body proper rest helps in losing weight fast.

5. Eat your food slowly ñ This habit makes one feel full even after eating a little amount of food and thus one does not overeat.

One can use InstaSlim capsules to get rid of body fat naturally. These supplements are completely natural and therefore these are the best ayurvedic weight loss supplements. These supplements prevent every deficiency and disorder in body that leads to increase in weight.

One gets the following benefits from these InstaSlim capsules:

1. Suppress appetite and reduce hunger for sugary and junk foods.

2. Promote metabolism in body to increase utilization of body fat.

3. These ayurvedic weight loss supplements also improve blood circulation in body to increase usage of body fat for producing energy.

4. Enhance fat metabolism in body to keep energy production regular.

5. Keep bowel movements regular which in turn constantly flushes toxins out of body.

6. Prevent effects of thyroid disorder on metabolism.

InstaSlim capsules are loaded with Arjun, Jawasa, Samudra Shosh, Pashanbhed, Vaivading, Kali Mirch, Dikamari, Sounth, Bahera, Chavya, Babool, Chitrak and Haritaki. These effective herbs in herbal appetite suppressant pills for weight loss convert fat cells into energy and also provide energy to overcome fatigue caused due to sudden boost in body metabolism. These herbs also promote functions of body organs that are involved in digestion, absorption of nutrients from foods and bowel movements to keep one healthy during weight loss. These ayurvedic weight loss supplements give effective and visible results when one uses them regularly. Experts suggest that one should take InstaSlim capsules for 3 to 4 months at least.

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Ayurvedic Treatment For Weak Eyesight To Improve Vision Effectively

Eyesight becomes weak mainly due to deficiency of nutrients and poor blood circulation in body. Like other body organs, eyes need nourishment too. Poor blood circulation is also one of the reasons that affect supply of nutrients towards eyes. Environmental factors like pollution, dirt particles and impurities in water and air, etc., also damage eyes when they are exposed to environment. It is seen that nowadays most of the people work on computers, laptops, tablets and mobiles which emit harmful radiations and cause damage to eyes. One cannot avoid these factors as these have become part of life. Therefore, the only way to keep eyes healthy and improve vision is by improving eye health. This can be achieved by eating nutritious foods. Disorders like diabetes also affect vision and in chronic case of high blood sugar, there is even risk of getting blind permanently.

Herbal Treatment for Weak Eyesight

Generally people suffer from nearsightedness and farsightedness problem. In case of nearsightedness, one is not able to see distant objects clearly whereas in case of farsightedness, one is unable to see close objects clearly. These can happen in any age, even in toddlers. Cataract is an eye problem that happens only at elder age and causes lot of discomfort as one is not able to see properly. People with weak eyesight often experience headache, back ache and shoulder and neck pain. This happens because optic nerve becomes weak which are responsible for transferring signals from eyes to brain. Weakness in optic nerves may also result in blurry and double vision.

There are many treatments available for improving vision but one must take only ayurvedic treatment for weak eyesight because such treatments do not cause any side effects to the user. One can use following home remedies to get rid of symptoms of weak eyesight at home:

1. Almond and Fennel Seeds ñ Prepare milk with a mixture of almond, fennel seeds and mishri. Drink a glass of this milk every night before going to bed for at least 40 days.

2. Triphala Remedy ñ Wash your eyes with triphala water on a regular basis.

3. Gooseberry/Amla ñ Drink fresh amla juice with honey on daily morning or take a teaspoon of amla powder with water at night before sleeping.

4. Bilberry ñ Eat fresh bilberries every day to improve your vision. It strengthens blood vessels and also increase retinal pigments that protect your eyes from harmful components such as free radicals.

You can use I-Lite capsules to improve vision effectively and at fast rate. These supplements provide the best ayurvedic treatment for weak eyesight. Since I-Lite capsules are manufactured using natural herbs only, people of any age can use these supplements.

I-Lite capsules provide the following advantages:

1. Improve blood circulation in eye area.

2. Provide vital nutrients which are essential to keep eyes healthy.

3. Enhance functions of eye muscles and optic nerves.

4. Coordination between lens and retina get improved and this decreases eye number.

5. This ayurvedic treatment for weak eyesight can effectively reduce stress on eye muscles too.

6. Reduce headache and eye fatigue caused due to weakness in eyes.

7. Prevent double vision and blurriness in eyes.

8. These are also helpful in case of cataract and macular degeneration.

I-Lite capsules contain Terminalia Chebula, Celastrus Paniculatus, Terminalia Belerica, Phyllanthus Emblica, Elettaria Cardamomum, Glycyrrhiza Glabra, Asparagus Racemosus, Ghee, Piper Nigrum, Honey and Ferrum. These herbs in I-Lite capsules, ayurvedic supplements to improve vision, are highly beneficial for improving eyesight without any surgery and use of lens and corrective glasses. Regularly use this ayurvedic treatment for weak eyesight to get efficient results. It is recommended to use I-Lite capsules for at least 3 to 4 months continuously.

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Ayurvedic Face Pack For Acne To Get Clear And Flawless Skin

Acne and dark spots are signs of skin damage caused due to bacteria attack. There are many internal and external facts responsible for causing pimples and darkening of skin. Acne is a problem which increases if not treated properly. These problems not only affect skin health but also lower down a person’s confidence. Both men and women wish to get clear and flawless skin and for this they can use ayurvedic face pack for acne which is very mild on all kinds of skin and works effectively. To get rid of pimples and other skin problems, it is necessary to treat the root cause which is unbalanced sebum levels in skin due to poor functions of sebaceous glands.There are internal factors also like nutritional deficiency, toxins and impurities in blood, poor blood circulation, hormone changes, etc., which affect functions of sebaceous glands. External factors include pollution, impurities in air and water, sun damage, etc., which damage skin from outside.

Ayurvedic Pack To Get Rid Of Acne

There are some home remedies which one can try to reduce pimples and get clear skin:

1. Tea Tree oil – With its natural inflammation-fighting properties, this oil works effectively in treating acne.

2. Green Tea – It contains antimicrobial and antioxidant compounds that can help to fight pimples.

3. Honey – Due to its antibiotic properties, it improves health of skin affected by acne and infection.

4. Mint – It helps in removing oil from skin that blocks pores and gives rise to pimples.

5. Echinacea – Its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties effectively reduce infections in skin that give rise to pimple formation.

6. Chamomile – It decreases inflammation in skin caused due to acne.

7. Witch Hazel – Its natural astringent action dries and shrinks acne.

8. Aloe Vera – It possesses burn-relieving properties and can promote healing, fight infection and even reduce scarring.

Chandra Prabha ubtan is a good solution for both men and women to get flawless skin. This ayurvedic face pack for acne helps to prevent factors that lead to acne formation. Chandra Prabha ubtan can provide the following benefits:

1. Improve health of skin naturally.

2. Reduce chances of bacterial and fungal infection in skin.

3. Treat pimples and reduce inflammation in skin pores caused due to acne.

4. Effectively prevent white heads, black heads, papules, postules, nodules and cysts in skin.

5. This ayurvedic face pack for acne can remove dead skin cells from outer layer of skin. This can further provide fresh oxygen to skin pores.

6. Make tissues and cells healthy and increase tightness in skin.

7. Reduce wrinkles and fine lines in skin.

8. Fade away dark spots and acne marks.

9. Keep skin pores clean and open to prevent formation of acne.

Chandra Prabha ubtan is made from extracts of pure herbs and therefore it assures of not causing any side effects. The ingredients of this Herbal Face Pack For Pimples absorb excessive oil from skin pores and thus maintain balance of sebum in skin. This in turn maintains moisture level in skin and prevents bacteria to affect sebum in pores. Use this ayurvedic face pack for acne regularly to get rid of pimples and dark spots. It is suggested to use Chandra Prabha ubtan for at least 3 to 4 months to get excellent results.

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Ayurvedic Liver Detoxification Supplements To Reduce Risk Of Cirrhosis

Liver is one of the vital organs that helps in digestion of food and filters nutrients, toxins, fat, cholesterol, etc., from food. This organ also produces bile which helps in breaking down of fat and cholesterol present in food. Food is converted into glucose which is later used by body cells to produce energy and develop muscles.Few common factors that affect healthy functions of liver:

Herbal Supplements For Liver Health1. Alcohol – Liver gets diverted from its other functions and focuses mainly on converting alcohol to a less toxic form when one drinks alcohol in excess. Absorption of alcohol by the liver gives rise to fatty liver disease, inflammation of the liver and cirrhosis.

2. Obesity – Overweight people have fat in excess which tends to accumulate around liver and this is what is called as fatty liver disease.

3. Diabetes – People with diabetes have high level of insulin in their blood due to which abdominal weight increases and results in fatty liver disease.

4. High salt intake – Consuming salt in high amount leads to build up of fluid in liver which causes swelling in the organ.

Foods that improve liver health naturally:

1. Garlic – It activates enzymes that can flush out toxins from liver. It contains allicin and selenium (two natural compounds) that aid in liver cleansing.

2. Grapefruit – It contains both vitamin C and antioxidants and helps liver to flush out carcinogens and toxins.

3. Beetroot – It contains plant-flavonoids which improve the overall functions of liver.

4. Leafy green vegetables – Vegetables like spinach and lettuce have the ability to neutralize metals, chemicals and pesticides present in foods and liver.

5. Green Tea – It contains plant antioxidants (catechins) which are very beneficial for improving functions of liver.

6. Avocadoes – It helps body to produce a type of antioxidant (glutathione) which is needed by liver to filter out harmful materials from blood.

7. Cruciferous Vegetables – Broccoli and Brussels sprouts are some of the cruciferous vegetables which increase enzyme production for digestion.

8. Lemon – This fruit is full of vitamin C which helps body to cleanse out toxic materials and aid the digestion process.

9. Turmeric – It helps our body to digest fats and stimulate the production of bile. It can also act as a natural form of detox for your liver.

Livoplus capsules are powerful ayurvedic liver detoxification supplements which are suitable for men and women both. These ayurvedic liver cleansing pills are completely herbal and one can get following benefits from these capsules:

1. Promote self repair ability of liver and this helps to overcome damage in the organ.

2. Reduce inflammation in liver and bring back the organ to healthy shape.

3. Treat various king of bacterial and viral infection in liver.

4. Make a protective layer inside liver to reduce risk of damage inside the organ.

5. These ayurvedic liver detoxification supplements also eliminate excessive fat from liver and give relief from fatty liver diseases.

6. Enhance bile production to ease digestion of food.

7. Promote ability of liver to absorb vital nutrients and filter toxic particles from blood coming from digestive tract.

8. Prevent alcoholic and non-alcoholic liver related problems and also reduce risk of cirrhosis.

Livoplus capsules contain Mandur Bhasam, Kantkari, Bhui Aamla, Kasmard, Makoy, Vaivading, Bhangra, Amrta, Kasni, Santhi, Haritki, Palihari, Aamla, Arjun, Daru Hald and Chitrak. All these herbs are selected after deep research and study. High medicinal value of these herbs keeps liver in healthy condition. Blend of these herbs makes Livoplus capsules effective ayurvedic liver detox supplements that give long lasting benefits. It is recommended to use Livoplus capsules for at least 3 to 4 months regularly.

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Ayurvedic Treatment For Insomnia To Overcome Sleep Deprivation

Insomnia is a sleep disorder which not only affects mind but physical health of a person too. Not giving proper rest to brain causes imbalance in brain functions and affects work efficiency and learning ability of a person. Since brain recollects memory when one is in deep sleep so not taking enough sleep can weaken memory of a person and affect concentration ability of a person. A person loses energy because of not sleeping properly and thus one tends to eat a lot, especially junk foods, to satisfy energy needs. Since the person becomes lazy and dull, he/she looks for ready to eat foods instead of relying on nutritious foods. This not only increases weight but also invites lots of health problems that in turn affect brain functions more. Many people take tranquilizers and OTC medications to quickly overcome sleep deprivation but they may cause side effects so one can take ayurvedic treatment for insomnia to get complete relief from sleeplessness problem.

Best Ayurvedic Treatments For Sleeplessness

Insomnia generally happens due to ill habits of a person like eating heavy meals at night time, watching television till late hours at night, doing heavy exercise before going to bed, partying or indulging in social event at night, etc. Many people work in night shift and change their shift in every few months from day to night and vice versa. In such cases also, a person’s sleeping pattern get disturbed and one becomes habitual of sleeplessness. There are many external factors also responsible for causing insomnia that cannot be controlled or prevented like noise in the nearby area, having toddler or infant, snoring, etc.

One can use Aaram capsules which provide the most effective ayurvedic treatment for insomnia. These sleeplessness herbal pills are made from natural herbs only and therefore these can give long lasting benefits.

Aaram capsules give following benefits to the user:

1. These capsules work as sedative and therefore induce sleep naturally.

2. Reduce stress and tension in order to keep mind relaxed.

3. Control central nervous system and keep a person calm.

4. Nourish and energize brain cells to work better.

5. These capsules are also helpful in case of habitual sleeplessness and restless legs syndrome.

6. These supplements do not cause any side effects.

7. These supplements are not like OTC and tranquilizers that are addictive.

8. Bring back natural sleeping pattern on track.

Aaram capsules contain Ajwainkhurashani, Ashwagandha, Brahmi, Kesar, Ustaykhaddus, Chandan, Sarpgandha, Jatamansi, Bhangraya, Moti Bhasma, Tagara, Lata Kasturi, Shankhpushpi, Arjun, Jahermora, and Gajwan. These herbs used in ayurvedic treatment for insomnia are natural sedatives and therefore do not make mind unconscious and bring back sleeping pattern on track naturally. It is recommended that one should use these supplements regularly for 3 to 4 months to get optimum health benefits.

One must bring changes in lifestyle along with taking this herbal treatment for insomnia to get faster results:

1. Stop eating heavy meals in dinner.

2. Do not use smart phones, laptops, tablets, etc., in bed at the time of sleeping.

3. Also avoid watching television and make proper environment in bedroom to get peaceful sleep.

4. Do not indulge in heavy workout or exercises at night time.

5. Maintain a discipline of going to bed at the same time daily.

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Ayurvedic Treatment For External Hemorrhoids To Ease Piles Pain

Hemorrhoids are dangerous because these cause pain and loss of blood during bowel movements. One declines the urge for emptying bowels and this takes problem to higher level. The most common and major reason for causing piles is constipation. Constipation occurs due to many reasons like change in diet, not eating fibrous foods, drinking less water, etc. Hard stools get formed during constipation which are not easy to pass and cause lot of pain while moving out of anus. Large and hard stools get stuck inside anus and one needs to apply force or pressure to push them out. This is what causes inflammation in piles inside anus.

Ayurvedic Treatment For Piles

Hemorrhoids are categorized into three types:

1. First-degree piles are swollen cushions that always remain within the anal canal and these are painless. One cannot see these piles from the anus openings.

2. Second-degree piles are pushed down (prolapsed) when feces are passed, but return to their starting position afterwards. This causes pain and bleeding because piles get stretched.

3. Third-degree piles are pushed down (prolapsed) when feces are passed or come down at other times also. They do not go back by themselves after feces have been passed. In severe cases, surgery is required.

Third degree piles require immediate treatment and if you don’t want to go for surgery then you can use ayurvedic treatment for external hemorrhoids. Such treatment naturally eliminates problem and therefore one gets long lasting relief.

Some common home remedies for piles:

1. Cold compress – Wrap some ice in a clean cloth and apply it directly over the hemorrhoids. This will cause hemorrhoids to shrink and they will become small in size. Pain will get reduced and it will further become easier to pass stools once swelling is reduced.

2. Psyllium husk – Psyllium husk is full of fiber which is helpful in formation of softer stools and easing the movements. Consuming it regularly can help in reducing stress in the swollen veins and providing it time to heal.

3. Soaking – Regularly soak the inflamed area for 15 -20 minutes in warm water. This will provide instant relief from pain and itching and will cause the blood vessels to relax.

Use pilesgon capsules regularly to get rid of painful bowel movements easily. These supplements provide the most effective ayurvedic treatment for external hemorrhoids as well as internal hemorrhoids. This herbal piles cure can treat every cause inside body that leads to piles. One consuming Pilesgon capsules can get the following benefits:

1. Improve digestion to prevent formation of hard stools (constipation).

2. Keep colon healthy to ease piles pain while passing stools. Quickly repair or heal muscle and tissue damage in anal canal.

3. Prevent infection that may happen due to repeated bleeding and wounds inside anus walls.

4. Reduce inflammation in blood vessels and thus reduce chances of bleeding.

5. Make muscles flexible inside anus in order to reduce damage.

6. Provide energy to overcome weakness caused due to blood loss.

7. Useful for both internal and external hemorrhoids.

Pilesgon capsules contain Kattha, Hemsagar, Ritha, Ayapana, Nagkesar, Shudh Takan, Kalijiri, Haritaki, Indrajau, Rasaunt and Khun Shosha. These herbs are laxative in nature and therefore make it easy for one to pass stools without putting much pressure or straining. These herbs ease digestion too which in turn gives relief from constipation. This ayurvedic hemorrhoids treatment is suitable for both men and women. Take this ayurvedic treatment for external hemorrhoids for 3 to 4 months consistently to get long lasting results. Include laxative foods in your diet like beans, legumes, peas, broccoli, raw seeds and nuts, carrots, garlic cauliflower, cabbage etc., and increase physical activities in your daily routine to get faster results.

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Ayurvedic Oil To Stop Hair Fall And Reduce Dandruff Problem

Hair fall is a common problem and one need not to worry if he/she observes a little hair fall every day. Losing bunch of tresses every time you wash or comb does indicate underlying health problems. The most common reason for hair loss is nutritional deficiency but it cannot be considered as the only reason. Environmental factors like too much exposure to heat, pollution, water containing impurities, too much use of chemical shampoos, hair styling products and devices, too much washing or not washing hair for days, combing wet hair, change in weather and climate, etc. result in loss of tresses more than normal. All these factors cause dandruff too which usually indicate towards dryness in scalp. Dandruff can cause hair fall too and in chronic case of dandruff, one can lose eyelashes and may also suffer from acne problem.

Ayurvedic Hair Oil

Many people are aware of the above factors but still they are not able to take care of their tresses because of their busy routine which make them to use chemical products and styling devices to save time. It is also seen that many people take processed foods instead of fresh fruits and vegetables. This results in lack of nutrients which are essential for healthy hair growth. Impurities or toxins in blood, poor blood circulation and hormonal misbalance are some other factors which can be counted for causing hair fall and dandruff. Although there are many products available in market but it is better to use ayurvedic oil to stop hair fall as ayurvedic products do not cause any side effects.

One can use Hylix oil which is made up of only natural herb extracts and is suitable for both men and women. This herbal dandruff control oil gets easily absorbed by the scalp and nourishes follicles and sebaceous glands. This oil also provides vital nutrients that help in healthy hair growth. This oil is suitable for all types of scalp – dry, oily, normal and combination of dry and oily. This oil can give thick, shiny and black hairs and also increase the speed of hair growth. This ayurvedic oil to stop hair fall is beneficial in case of dandruff problem too as nutrients present in this oil moisturize scalp and prevent dryness completely which further prevents dandruff.

Massage scalp with Hylix oil at night and then wash hairs in morning regularly to get excellent results. One can use this ayurvedic oil to reduce dandruff problem as well. This ayurvedic oil to stop hair fall possesses Henna or Mehndi, Shikakai, Kalonji, Neem, Amla and Bhringraj. These herbs provide the following benefits:

1. Condition both scalp and hairs.

2. Provide natural black color to tresses and thus prevent premature graying.

3. Open closed follicles and help in regrowth of hairs at blank spaces and thus reduce baldness naturally.

4. Keep hair soft and shiny.

5. Provide nutrients that help in growth of healthy keratin.

6. Improve blood circulation in scalp.

7. Cooling effect of these herbs present in ayurvedic oil to stop hair fall also reduce stress and tension.

8. Act as natural cleansing agents and therefore wash out impurities and micro particles completely from scalp and hairs.

9. Nourish hairs from roots to tips and this prevents problem of split ends too.

Healthy diet and lifestyle along with this herbal oil to prevent dandruff can give fast results. Also, use scarf to protect hairs from heat, pollution and dirt and stop using chemical products to get optimum benefits.