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Ayurvedic Weight Gain Supplements To Improve Muscle Mass Naturally

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Being underweight is as problematic as being overweight. There are a number of health problems attached with being skinny. Overtime this problem has increased due to the craze for being slim. Many people follow strict diet blindly in order to get slim but they end up being skinny with lots of health problems.


Herbal Supplements To Gain Weight

There are many serious health risks of being underweight, mainly:

1. Infertility: Underweight men and women primarily have problems with their ability to stay fertile. In fact, being underweight disturbs the hormonal balance and thus further leads to infertility.

2. Anemia: Because of low food intake, underweight people could become anemic, thereby decreasing the ability of their blood to carry oxygen to body cells. This can further lead to a variety of problems including fatigue, pale complexion, dizziness, reduced concentration and lethargy.

3. Osteoporosis: The risk of osteoporosis is higher in underweight women because of less than required intake of calcium which results in low bone density. This problem is more common in teenagers because they are at the stage where maximum deposition of calcium in bones takes place. And being underweight might disrupt this process further resulting in lower deposit of minerals in bones thereby increasing the risk of having osteoporosis.

4. Amenorrhea (Absence of menstrual cycles): This problem is mainly related with underweight teenage girls. They might have disturbance in their hormones and decrease in their fat deposit. These when combined with anxiety might lead to loss of their menstrual cycle.

There are many treatments that claim to increase weight but many a times these carry side effects with them and therefore nowadays people are more inclined towards using natural treatments or herbal weight gain pills. One can try following home remedies to improve muscle mass naturally before taking any treatment:

1. Clarified butter and sugar – Consuming mixture of clarified butter and sugar can give dramatic results.

2. Mango and Milk – One will see noticeable increase in weight after making habit of consuming one ripe mango three times a day for at least one month.

3. Peanut butter – Peanut butter has high calories so it is the perfect home remedy to gain weight.

4. Potatoes – Eating potatoes regularly in daily diet will increase body weight because potatoes contain carbohydrates.

5. Nuts – Nuts contain healthy fats and so they provide a healthy way to increase weight.

To increase weight and muscle mass in a healthy way, you can use FitOFat capsules also which are ayurvedic weight gain supplements. This ayurvedic treatment for underweight is completely herbal and contains no artificial ingredient. This makes these supplements the most desirable weight gain products as one is assured that there will be no side effect of using these capsules.

FitOFat capsules provide following benefits to the user:

1. Control metabolic rate in body.

2. Promote muscle development process in body.

3. These ayurvedic weight gain supplements also increase appetite and improve digestion.

4. Prevent weakness in body by providing vital nutrients.

5. Suitable for both men and women for increasing weight.

6. Improve health along with increasing weight.

7. Provide vital nutrients that are necessary for increasing healthy fat in body.

FitOFat capsules contain Ashwagandha, Swarna Bang, Aarndakakdi, Safed Musli, Kavach Beej Bek, Talmakhana, Bhringraj, Jarool, Kesar, Arlu, Chitrak, Amla, Vidarikand, Pipal, Malkangani, Shatavari, Chilkamakoy, Jaiphal, Sarpunkha, Long, Barahikand, Sonth, Punarnva and Makoy. Use these ayurvedic weight gain supplements for at least 3 to 4 months to see visible changes in body weight.


Author: Sidharth Chabra

Sidharth Chabra is a passionate writer who has written numerous articles on topics concerning ayurvedic remedies for men health and women health. He writes informative articles on health-related issues and the use of natural health supplements.

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