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Ayurvedic Treatment For Prediabetes To Reduce Risk Of Diabetes Naturally

Prediabetes is also known as impaired glucose tolerance. A person having prediabetes is always under the risk of getting diabetes. A person with this problem needs to be careful in diet. Any food that triggers sugar level can convert prediabetes to diabetes. Most of the glucose in body comes from the foods we eat. Food is converted into sugar which enters bloodstream. Insulin plays the role of moving sugar from your blood to body cells. When this action does not happen inside body, sugar level in blood goes up.

Ayurvedic Anti Diabetic Pills

Foods one should not eat with prediabetes symptoms:

1. Partially Hydrogenated Oils – Such foods are sources of trans fats which cause metabolic dysfunction by damaging the lining of blood vessels, triggering inflammation, increasing body weight and belly fat and insulin resistance. Liver, muscle and fat cells lose sensitivity to insulin and thus blood sugar rises.

2. Refined Complex Carbohydrates – These are starches and sugars that are low in fiber and create quick spike in blood sugar.

3. Whole Fat Dairy Products and Meats – Saturated fats can raise bad cholesterol which further clogs arteries. Whole fat dairy products and fatty meats are also high in calories.

A person with prediabetes is more likely to develop type-2 diabetes in the near future so it is important to take some steps and herbal diabetes supplements to lower high blood sugar. In this condition, blood sugar is higher than normal but not that much high to term it as diabetes. If you have prediabetes, you may already be suffering from problems related to heart, blood vessels and kidney.

Prediabetes shows the following symptoms:

1. Dryness in skin.

2. Weakness and fatigue all the time.

3. Blurred vision.

4. Increase in thirst.

5. Frequent urge for urination.

Factors that increase the risk of developing type-2 diabetes from prediabetes include:

1. Being overweight is a primary risk factor for type-2 diabetes.

2. The less physically active you are, greater is the risk of diabetes. Physical activities increase the utilization of glucose for energy and also sensitivity of cells towards insulin.

3. After age of 45, the risk of diabetes increases more.

4. Risk of diabetes increases if a family member has type-2 diabetes.

5. Gestational diabetes while pregnancy causes the higher risk of developing diabetes in both infant and mother.

Diabgon capsules provide effective ayurvedic treatment for prediabetes. With the help of these supplements, a person can reduce risk of diabetes and lead a normal life. These supplements contain formula that improves cellular activities and increases glucose usage for producing energy. These supplements also control glucose production and reduce effects of metabolic disorders in body. These supplements also protect blood vessels from getting damaged due to high glucose level. Active ingredients of Diabgon capsules prevent hardening of arteries and also clear blockage from blood vessels.

This ayurvedic treatment for prediabetes is suitable for controlling symptoms of both type-1 and type-2 diabetes. These ayurvedic supplements for diabetes management contain Kasondi, Giloy, Sajjikhar, Safed Musli Extract, Vidarikand, Karela Extract, Chirayata, Jaiphal, Sudh Shilajit, Haldi, Neem Extract, Gurmar Extract, Indrayan, Arjun Extract, Bilva Patra Extract, Bimbaphal, Baghaphal, Methi and Jamun, These herbs possess anti-diabetic properties and therefore are highly beneficial for maintaining blood sugar levels. These herbs possess medicinal properties that help to reduce risk of diabetes naturally. Taking Diabgon capsules regularly reduces risk of getting permanently blind which is the biggest consequence of high blood sugar levels. This ayurvedic treatment for prediabetes shows effective results in the period of 3 to 4 months.

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Ayurvedic Anti-Diabetic Supplements To Control Blood Sugar Level

Unhealthy diet and less physical activities are two factors that give rise to many health problems and some of these can take the form of diabetes also. This problem happens when one eats a lot and does not get involved in any physical task that requires high energy. When one eats food, body converts all kinds of foods into sugar which is later used by body when one does some activity that requires energy. Glucose left unused in body raises sugar level in blood and this is what leads to diabetes. It cannot be treated completely and only its symptoms can be reduced therefore one having high blood sugar level must take appropriate treatment to not worsen the condition further.

Ayurvedic Anti Diabetic Pills

One can use ayurvedic anti-diabetic supplements as from years it is observed that natural treatments are more effective than chemical based medications. By understanding causes and symptoms of diabetes, one can easily decide about the type of herbal treatment for diabetes management required for lowering down blood sugar level.

Causes of high blood sugar level:

1. Less production of insulin by pancreas. Insulin is the one which helps cells to absorb sugar or glucose from blood stream.

2. Inability of cells to use insulin to absorb sugar from blood stream.

3. Eating sugary foods more in regular diet.

4. Not doing activities that require energy production and use of blood glucose.

5. Dysfunction of liver due to which food is converted into glucose more than normal.

Generally there are two types of diabetes which happens:

1. Type-1 diabetes – In this kind of diabetes, pancreas produces little or no insulin at all. Because of this, body cells do not get enough insulin to absorb glucose from blood stream and this increases level of glucose in blood.

2. Type-2 diabetes – This type of diabetes happens when cells are incapable of using insulin to absorb glucose from blood and is also known as insulin resistance.

Common symptoms of diabetes:

1. Frequent urination – A person feels urge for frequent urination through the day and night when sugar level is high in blood.

2. Persistent thirst – Due to losing fluid from body in the form of urine, one feels thirsty after every little time.

3. Intense hunger – Since glucose is not used from blood stream to get energy, body cells signal brain to eat more in order to get glucose.

4. Unusual weight loss – Since body cells do not get glucose from blood, they utilize body fat to produce energy and thus one suffers from abnormal weight loss in spite of eating healthy and adequate diet.

5. Increased fatigue – Lack of energy production makes one suffer from severe fatigue and weakness.

6. Blurred vision – Tiny blood vessels get destroyed due to high blood sugar and therefore risk of blurred vision and permanent blindness increases.

7. Slow healing – Healing and repairing ability of body decline as sugar level in blood increases.

8. Skin problems – Due to urinating frequently, body loses lots of water which results in dryness in skin.

9. Numbness and tingling – One experiences feeling of tingling or numbness in hands and feet.

One can use Diabgon capsules which are the most effective ayurvedic anti-diabetic supplements. These ayurvedic supplements for diabetes improve functions of pancreas which produce insulin, increase ability of body cells to use insulin, promote production of energy in order to control blood sugar level, protect blood vessels and prevent hardening of arteries, increase body’s healing power, reduce cravings for sugary foods and suppress appetite. These ayurvedic anti-diabetic supplements also protect eyes, kidneys, liver and other organs from bad effects of high blood sugar and effectively control cholesterol and triglyceride levels.

Diabgon capsules contain herbs such as Gurmar Extract, Bimbaphal, Methi, Baghaphal, Chirayata, Neem Extract, Jaipha, Vidarikan, Sajjikhar, Karela Extract, Jamun, Safed Musli Extract, Giloy, Sudh Shilajit, Indrayan, Haldi, Kasondi, Bilva Patra Extract and Arjun Extract. These herbs make these capsules the most powerful ayurvedic anti-diabetic supplements. These supplements work effectively for both type-1 and type-2 diabetes. Regularly use these ayurvedic supplements for 3 to 4 months to get long lasting relief from symptoms of high blood sugar.

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Ayurvedic Supplements For Diabetes To Lower Blood Sugar Levels

Diabetes is one of the health problems that cannot be treated completely. Once diabetes happens, a person has to take care of the diet so that the blood sugar level does not rise. Rise in blood sugar levels not only depends on diet but it also depends on how much a person is physically active. This is so because our body uses glucose to produce energy which is required more when one does physical work more. Glucose if not used for long time or used less for energy production result in high blood sugar levels. People generally suffer from two types of diabetes:

Ayurvedic Supplements For Diabetes

Type-1 diabetes – This type of diabetes happens when pancreas produces little or no insulin at all. Due to this, body cells are not able to absorb glucose from blood and this increases level of sugar in blood.

Type-2 diabetes – This type of diabetes happens when cells are incapable of using insulin to absorb glucose from blood. It is also known as insulin resistance.

A person having pre-diabetes can use home remedies to lower blood sugar levels. Pre-diabetes is a stage where blood sugar is high and one suffers from a set of symptoms but still he/she cannot be termed as diabetic. Therefore by preventing pre-diabetes one can reduce risk of diabetes naturally. Those suffering from high sugar can use ayurvedic anti diabetic pills to control blood sugar levels. By observing the symptoms it is easy to know whether you are having diabetes or not.

Common symptoms of diabetes:

1. Frequent Urination – When there is too much glucose (sugar) in blood, kidneys take water from tissues in order to dilute the glucose in blood and this in turn fills up bladder and causes one to urinate more than normal.

2. Disproportionate thirst – To overcome the loss of fluid from body, brain signals one to drink relatively more water than normal.

3. Intense hunger – Body cells do not get glucose to produce energy due to insulin resistance. This indicates brain to eat more than required even if glucose is present in abundant in blood.

4. Unusual weight loss – In order to produce energy, body uses the stored fat which ultimately results in weight loss in spite of eating well.

5. Increased fatigue – Due to low or no production of energy, one suffers from extreme fatigue and weakness.

6. Blurred vision – High amount of glucose present in blood damages tiny vessels in eyes which may lead to permanent blindness.

7. Slow healing – Glucose present in blood slows down healing of wounds, cuts and bruises.

8. Skin problems – Loss of water from tissues leads to dryness in skin.

9. Numbness and tingling – One feels tingling or numbness in hands and feet as high amount of glucose in blood can cause heavy damage to blood vessels in whole body.

To overcome or reduce these symptoms, one can use Diabgon capsules which are completely ayurvedic supplements for diabetes. These supplements control body functions in order to reduce symptoms of both type-1 and type-2 diabetes. Thus, these capsules naturally lower down blood sugar levels. These supplements improve pancreatic functions to increase production of insulin which acts as a carrier for delivering glucose to body cells. This herbal dreatment for diabetes management also increases capability of body cells to absorb insulin properly. Diabgon capsules are loaded with herbs like Bimbaphal, Chirayata, Safed Musli Extract, Gurmar Extract, Vidarikan, Karela Extract, Indrayan, Methi, Jaipha, Bilva Patra Extract, Baghaphal, Sudh Shilajit, Kasondi, Jamun , Arjun Extract, Giloy, Haldi, Neem Extract and Sajjikhar. All these herbs have been selected after research and deep study.

These supplements are highly beneficial in case of diabetes and can keep blood glucose level under control for prolong time. It is suggested to use these ayurvedic supplements for diabetes for at least 3 to 4 months continuously to get the best results.